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Connecting People With Cultural Heritage

Turathium™ is an ongoing initiative for connecting people with cultural heritage. It provides a web platform that empowers people with the tools needed to intuitively browse, catalog and publish their collections. Learn more about Turathium.

Sidon Lithography

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This site includes records of the volumes and boxes housing the collection.

Qamusium is Turathium's dictionary.

Unlock the Language of Collectibles.

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Dicta is a website archive of decrees, principles, and formal pronouncements related to collectibles. (Code name: Rasmium™)

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Dossier is a website archive of antique documents. (Code name: Documentium) Logo
LIRAT.ME is an exemplary semantic website developed to help you in identifying, cataloging and studying the coinage of modern-day Lebanon.


This website includes concise biographies of prominent people presented in Turathium (Tarajim-ium™)

Any registered user of Turathium platform can submit a proposal to curate and build an online exhibition. Learn more.

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