What is Turathium™?

Turathium™ is an ongoing initiative for connecting people with cultural heritage.

Turathium™ is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at connecting people with their cultural heritage. Through a user-friendly web platform, Turathium™ empowers individuals to easily browse, catalog, and publish their collections of cultural artifacts, creating a virtual space for the preservation and sharing of important cultural items. This innovative platform is designed to provide individuals with the tools and resources they need to preserve their heritage and connect with others who share their cultural interests. Whether you are an art collector, a historian, or simply interested in learning more about the rich history of your community, Turathium™ is the perfect tool to help you explore, connect, and discover the beauty of cultural heritage.

Turathium™ is an innovative web platform designed to provide individuals with the tools to easily manage and share their collections of postcards, photos, stamps, medals and coins. With an intuitive browsing interface, users can easily catalog and publish their collections, showcasing their prized possessions to others in the community. Whether you're an avid collector or just getting started, Turathium™ is the perfect tool to help you organize, manage and share your unique collection. With Turathium™, you can unlock the true potential of your collection, and connect with other collectors from around the world.


To enable anyone to curate their own virtual museum, unveiling their treasured collectibles.


To provide an internet platform that empowers people with the tools needed to intuitively browse, catalog and publish their collections.

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