What is LIRAT.ME?

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Lirat.me is an exemplary semantic website developed to help you in browsing, cataloging and studying the coinage of modern-day Lebanon. It is part of Turathium™, an ongoing initiative for connecting people with cultural heritage.

The LIRAT Reference Collection (LRC)

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The Lirat Reference Collection (LRC) is a coin collection of modern-day Lebanon, acting as a physical reference synchronized with the virtual collection of coin items presented on the LIRAT.ME website. Learn More.

Photos in LIRAT.ME

1936 Half Piaster

Coin images on the LIRAT.ME website are photos of coins from the Lirat Reference Collection (LRC), except where otherwise stated.

The “Terms of Use” includes information about Copyright and License, as well as other details concerning photos from third-party sources. Learn More.


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Numismatic properties in LIRAT.ME is based on the vocabularies of Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (dcterms) and Nomisma (nmo). Our reliance on stable ontologies facilitates data exchange and connectivity between the LIRAT.ME website and other repositories.

LIRAT.ME is Part of Turathium

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Turathium™ is an ongoing initiative for connecting people with cultural heritage. Learn More.

Sponsors of LIRAT.ME

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