Amin Maalouf Singleton Medal Series


Amin Maalouf BDL COIN 2012 C8
Amin Maalouf coin COA Inside
Amin Maalouf coin COA Outside
Amin Maalouf external box
Amin Maalouf external box opened
Amin Maalouf coin box
en Amin Maalouf Singleton Medal Series
ar طقم مفرد لميدالية أمين معلوف
Amin Maalouf is a Lebanese-French writer, born in Beirut in 1949. His books have been translated into 40 languages. He has been elected to the Académie française in 2011. (Extracts from COA).
This commemorative medal coin commemorates him for the brilliance of his writings that reflect Lebanese intellect. (Extracts from BDL website).
Remark: When issued, coins were encapsulated and displayed in a presentation box. A COA was enclosed.
Amin Maalouf coin COA InsideAmin Maalouf coin COA Inside
Original Count
Rarity TRS
Monetary Value
Issued Price: USD 133
Items Count
1 coin
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